Bento Day

Bento Day

By Friday things were looking vaguely up for Domo and GennaVIVA. Except for the part where GennaVIVA seems to have a touch of flu, since she is coughing a lot. It doesn’t really help that she freezes her butt off at work, and the only form of heat she can get is sadly by taking a hot water bottle to work.

On the up, at least she is working on some things at work. Check out this Website she’s been working on:

And just to prove how bright this week has been GennaVIVA has been working on Tombstone advertisements. How does one even advertise tombstones?!

It’s Bento box day!

Domo wanted to go with the piggy theme, but for a beginner GennaVIVA thought it best if they just start with decorating fruit.


Cute panda cookies!




In the lower half is Tuna quiche with a cute panda on it. In the upper left hand corner is star fruit and pomegranate seeds. In the upper right hand corner is a cute strawberry patterned cupcake mold with panda print cookies in them for pudding!

If you want some awesome Bento Lunch Ideas I would go check out this site:

She makes the most incredible Bento’s, and is regularly featured in magazines and books.

Domo has been sneaking a lot of food into himself during the day. He just never seems to stop being hungry!!! Or sleepy for that matter. But it’s supposed to be his job to kick GennaVIVA to gym. So the game plan is to pack in the gym bag in the morning, and to go straight after work. Otherwise she just goes to sleep once she sets foot in the house! So Monday: GYM

eragon-jacket-coverDomo is currently enjoying reading Eragon again. He needs to get back into the story before he starts the second novel. Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon when he was just 15 years old!!! Christopher’s love of science fiction and fantasy shines through and will encourage all fantasy readers to pick up this hefty sized book. Just don’t ever attempt to watch the movie. What a disgrace that was.

Even though there were some not too happy reviews for the novel, as many see Eragon as just another Lord of the Rings and not too original in plot or characters, it doesn’t make reading it any less exciting. And isn’t that what reading is all about?…

In Project-Get-GennaVIVA-green there has been some energy saving progress in the household. Every morning Domo makes sure that GennaVIVA switches off all the lights, switches off the computer, switches off plugs, and switches off the geyser for the day. This might even help a lot with the energy bill. Electricity’s price has gone up so much thanks to Koeberg and its production issues.

SAVE POWER - Unplug your electronics.

SAVE POWER - Unplug your electronics.

POWER DOWN - Shut down your computer.

POWER DOWN - Shut down your computer.

SHUT OFF - Turn of your lights.

SHUT OFF - Turn of your lights.



  1. Silly Man Said:

    viva for gennaVIVA ^^

    so how come ive never even heard of this domo’s existance? hiding things from me again? 😛

    I won’t lie simply hearing the word “bento” makes me hungry. In the stories deliciousness is all i see in those little boxeS!!

    I fully support condone endorse high-five and smile at the growing green-ness i’m sensing here 😀 its good good!

    further more:
    that site ur working on looks good, im suprised u can do something like that 0_0 welldone.
    The cuteness I see around here resonates with the memory i have of the relaxed happy girl.. which very much seems to be the only person on here! oh and domo, apologies (:
    When i have my party, im SO making the invite to gennaVIVA and mr much ‘domo’! ^^

    • gennaviva Said:

      😀 Well Domo is the surprise!

      I’m not much good at Bento yet tho :(, don’t have the right equipment. But I will work on it.
      This is my relaxed-happy-girl-Domo place. It’s where I make sure I keep busy and alive. Domo was created to make me childishly happy.

      Thanks for commenting btw ^^ Makes me feel smiley about what I’m doing here.

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