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Bento Day

Bento Day

By Friday things were looking vaguely up for Domo and GennaVIVA. Except for the part where GennaVIVA seems to have a touch of flu, since she is coughing a lot. It doesn’t really help that she freezes her butt off at work, and the only form of heat she can get is sadly by taking a hot water bottle to work.

On the up, at least she is working on some things at work. Check out this Website she’s been working on:

And just to prove how bright this week has been GennaVIVA has been working on Tombstone advertisements. How does one even advertise tombstones?!

It’s Bento box day!

Domo wanted to go with the piggy theme, but for a beginner GennaVIVA thought it best if they just start with decorating fruit.


Cute panda cookies!




In the lower half is Tuna quiche with a cute panda on it. In the upper left hand corner is star fruit and pomegranate seeds. In the upper right hand corner is a cute strawberry patterned cupcake mold with panda print cookies in them for pudding!

If you want some awesome Bento Lunch Ideas I would go check out this site:

She makes the most incredible Bento’s, and is regularly featured in magazines and books.

Domo has been sneaking a lot of food into himself during the day. He just never seems to stop being hungry!!! Or sleepy for that matter. But it’s supposed to be his job to kick GennaVIVA to gym. So the game plan is to pack in the gym bag in the morning, and to go straight after work. Otherwise she just goes to sleep once she sets foot in the house! So Monday: GYM

eragon-jacket-coverDomo is currently enjoying reading Eragon again. He needs to get back into the story before he starts the second novel. Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon when he was just 15 years old!!! Christopher’s love of science fiction and fantasy shines through and will encourage all fantasy readers to pick up this hefty sized book. Just don’t ever attempt to watch the movie. What a disgrace that was.

Even though there were some not too happy reviews for the novel, as many see Eragon as just another Lord of the Rings and not too original in plot or characters, it doesn’t make reading it any less exciting. And isn’t that what reading is all about?…

In Project-Get-GennaVIVA-green there has been some energy saving progress in the household. Every morning Domo makes sure that GennaVIVA switches off all the lights, switches off the computer, switches off plugs, and switches off the geyser for the day. This might even help a lot with the energy bill. Electricity’s price has gone up so much thanks to Koeberg and its production issues.

SAVE POWER - Unplug your electronics.

SAVE POWER - Unplug your electronics.

POWER DOWN - Shut down your computer.

POWER DOWN - Shut down your computer.

SHUT OFF - Turn of your lights.

SHUT OFF - Turn of your lights.


Hyber- NATION vs. Busy-Bee

Mmm, Domo is in hibernation at the moment. So this morning he had to be wrapped up in a nice complementary red felt blanket before getting into his little eco-green travel bag. Doesn’t he look cozy!



He definitely had a BLUE Monday. It started with issues at work for GennaVIVA, which led to there being no photo shoot for Domo. He had been so excited about it! He thus ended up spending the day just snoring away, even though he was full of coffee. GennaVIVA tried to make up things to do at work, but ran out of ideas at 10:45 already.

Domo’s sleeping was interrupted with a small shopping spree with GennaVIVA after the gruelling workday, so she missed her Kataboxing class at gym. Domo was kind enough to close his eyes tight during the fittings. He seemed just a little scared being surrounded by a girl trying on clothes… but maybe that’s just the effect of too many coffees today.


Art or functionality… Art or functionality… Art or functionality…

A final decision was made on pyjama’s (not GennaVIVA’s favourite thing ever) that was both functional and had personality, as far as pyjama’s can have.

Domo has been busy today though. GennaVIVA’s aunts 60th birthday is in June, and Domo and GennaVIVA have been working hard at putting together a great event for her. Here’s Domo working on the invites to the Wine Farm tasting and Patio Lunch at Delheim Wine Farm.



Browsing dial-up internet for baking recipes for the party at home was frustrating, but the final menu was set-up, and was filed away for future scrapbooking. All that still needs to be done is the decor planning for the party. Domo loves themes!!! He’s been thinking about going all out yellow and gold for this one until he came upon an old favourite idea – and Asian-inspired party! Complete with floating candles, flowers, all the catered food in miniature and cute party favours like these flower-inspired ones below.


The Ultimate Chocolate Cake was chosen as the centrepiece for too much candles. The excitement in the household is now at fever pitch!


Besides all this, Domo knew he had to get on top of GennaVIVA’s portfolio planning. There’s only one month left for her study application to be finished before being handed in to The Cape Peninsula University of Technology for a Graphic Design course!!!

Project-Get-GennaVIVA-green had a new introduction as well today.

‘Farm in a Box’ greenhouses.

That way, anything Domo grows there is completely organic, and environmentally friendly. So GennaVIVA researched pricing for their greenhouses, the pricing is a little bit steep. They come in at R2995 excluding vat. But it is a completely computerized system, and so forth. Domo and GennaVIVA are going to check it all out at the local stockist, Benbell, on Saturday. If it’s something they can replicate they will, otherwise, Domo will look into just starting at least a little veg-patch in the back garden. But since neither Domo nor GennaVIVA is very into gardening, a computerized system like this would obviously be more ideal.


Check out!!!

Sadly GennaVIVA is currently driving her car everywhere she needs to go since it’s in the dead of winter in South Africa right now, which makes bicycling to work impossible. Unless she designs a bubble form to rainproof her. But there’s only so much time in a day for new ideas, and only so much funding.

But on the technological front, there was a brainwave last night. Domo and GennaVIVA are now intensely studying the possibility of turning Domo into a robot-creature! He so wants to be able to do his own thing and communicate, that fully sensor-and touch equipped life seems like the plan. Luckily GennaVIVA has the Beefy who is highly intelligent to do some programming and plan some practical bits. Useful, huh?!

GennaVIVA & Domo made a lot of progress for one evening, so they went off to bed rather exhausted.  They need to get up earlier tomorrow morning so that GennaVIVA can start making an effort with her appearance before work. Getting up early is also to try and fit in a little REBOUNDING: One of Domo’s favourite activities ever!